Clover Go

Accept swipe, dip or contactless payments with your smartphone or tablet. Small enough to go wherever you go.



Clover Go is great for small businesses that want to accept payments virtually anywhere via smartphone or tablet, including EMV®, swipe and contactless.

  • Signatures on your tablet or smartphone, delivered to customers by email or text.
  • Low-cost entry into accepting card payments.
  • Virtual Terminal allows you to manually key in and process card payments, send receipts and issue refunds from any web-connected device.


Clover Mini Security

With TransArmor® Data Protection, every transaction is encrypted and tokenized to help protect card data in the event of a breach.

Accept EMV® cards to help reduce your liability for counterfeit fraud chargebacks.


Technical specifications


Swipe, EMV® chip and contactless payments


H: 2.5″ 
W: 2.6″ 
D: 0.7″


Bluetooth® for payments; micro USB for charging


Estimated transactions per charge: 160 dip or swipe, 130 contactless

MOBILE OS Supported

iOS and Android. Older versions may not be supported.


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